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FL   USA       2014-12-18 09:35:43 3738
Husband an Wife Team with Campground Experience
Jerry & Marjorie Hartman
Phone: 936-933-2180
I retired as a supervisor after 35 years of employment from the Lubrizol company. and my wife retired as a manager from the McDonalds company. We have raised 6 children and have 13 grandchildren. We love meeting new people and working with the public. I am 63 years of age and my wife is 56 years of age. We have a 32 foot Jayco Eagle camper with 1 slideout. I and my wife have 5 years of experience working for the Corps of Engineers as Campground Gate Attendance. Also, we have worked as volunteers in the winter months.

Our responsibilities included:
Campground Responsibilities
-Collecting Fund, Exchanging Fund for Money Orders for processing
-Making reservations utilizing website
-Checking guess in and out of campsites
-Responding to complaints from guest, utilizing Law enforcement if needed.
Computer experience
-Replacement of Hard Drives, Disc Drives, Cables, etc.
-Programming: installing software, word, excel, PowerPoint, etc.
Restroom Duties
-Cleaning, Sweeping, Washing floors, etc. Plumbing experience
-Repairing leaks above and below ground
-installing hardware as need facets, shower heads, water valves, etc.
Electrical experience
-Changing outlets, switches, breakers, etc.
-Repairing and replacing wiring
-Installing Fans, motors, etc.
Carpentry experience
-Replacing windows, doors, drywall, painting, flooring, carpet, etc.
-Repairing Picnic tables and shelters in park
Mowing experience
-Mowing grass, trimming trees, using chain saw and weed eaters.
-Cleaning flower beds, planting scrubs, flowers, etc.
Trash experience
-Cleaning campsites, fire rings, grills, painting picnic tables and shelters etc.

I and my wife are looking for similar responsibilities. We would prefer being in the Florida or Texas areas but would consider working in any other state as well. We will be available for employment starting in mid March of 2015.

Cotulla, TX   USA   Show on Google Maps       2014-12-16 13:47:23 3736
2 People to Work Active Gate From Dec.19 to 22 2014
If available pleas email or call Karla @691 2143998226

Any   USA       2014-12-15 11:12:23 3730
People Person Looking for Work 2015
Single workamper in good physical condition looking for work March/April 2015 through Summer/Fall 2015. I have a solid understanding of dealing with the public and managing others. My abilities in plumbing and electrical are better than average - average depending on the repair. Grounds maintenance and some small engine repair experience. I'm especially capable in office operations and computer use. Finally I like people and love to interact with them and help them. I'm looking for a paying position with a basic campsite, so rustic sites are OK. I prefer working anywhere within the states as long as it isn't hot as Hades every day.

Any   USA       2014-12-13 04:02:31 3725
Love To Work
I am a single retired deputy sheriff from Tarrant County Sheriffs department. I live in an rv now, but would love to be a part of a work environment that I could live and work in. I am a hard worker, and enjoy meeting people. I am a fast learner, and have very good work ethics. I love to stay busy. I would like a job that would give me a place to live, as I do not own an rv, and maybe a small salary to help with income for personal items.

GA   USA       2014-12-12 21:59:08 3724
Looking for Camp Host Jobs / Lawncare / Maintenance
I have many years of experience in landscaping and I would like to work as a Camp Host. For more information call 715-437-0585.

FL   USA       2014-12-12 03:25:37 3721
In Search of Workamping Position for Spring 2015
Retired single workamper in excellent health looking for position for spring 2015 (possibly longer, if available). Knowledgeable in all aspects of campground maintenance, minor carpentry, plumbing, electrical and ground maintenance. Prefer Florida or southern Georgia. Monetary compensation and FHU site required. Reply to Thank You

Any   USA       2014-12-11 04:45:28 3718
Couple Looking for October 2015 to April 2016 Work
Leon Wyman and Kim Wyman
219 Stage Road, Chesterfield, NH 03443
603-290-0622 (In Kentucky 270 403 6753)
- We have for the past two winters worked as campground hosts for the Corp of Army Engineers in Alabama. The duties included registering new guests, making future reservations, cleaning bathrooms, maintaining camp sites. We also assisted in cleaning out fire pits, brush removal and mowing to improve the appearance of the park. We assisted campers if help was needed. We were required to have a working knowledge of the computer. We are both comfortable using computers.
- October 2014: Worked the Sugar Beet Harvest in Hillsboro, N.D. Leon was a pay loader driver. Kim worked as a helper taking beet samples, directed trucks and shoveled beets.
- November 2014, we are currently working at Amazon in Kentucky.
- March and April 2015 we will be working at the Rainbow Springs State Park in Florida.

Prior work experience:
Leon, worked for NE Telephone Co for 27 years, and has spent the last 10 years working for Home Depot. Kim worked for the State of NH for 24 years, in the court system, and before that was in banking. We both have worked with the public, and enjoy it very much. Leon has a working knowledge of plumbing and electrical work. We worked our small farm for many years; therefore, building maintenance and yard maintenance are things we are both very familiar with. We are looking for a job in a warm climate from fall to spring. Will consider just about any job.

We enjoy meeting new people & helping campers out with whatever they need. We go the extra mile for our campers; we make sure the sites are maintained, kept clean and are polite and courteous to all. We have several small dogs that travel with us. We will work for FHU but would like FHU plus small income but that is not a deal breaker. If you are looking for pleasant, hardworking, honest camp workers look no more.

SD   USA       2014-12-10 15:45:56 3716
68 Year Old Widowed Male, Looking for Work for FHU
Retired Construction Project Manager. Looking for very light maintenance work. Can do minor Electrical and Plumbing. Some Computer knowledge with Microsoft Excel, Word, Publisher. My mine is still good. I have COPD so my getting around speed is a little slow. Would like to start in early spring 2015.

Any   USA       2014-12-10 02:06:46 3713
47 y/o Disabled Veteran. Looking for Any Campground Related
Email contact preferred until after Jan 15, 2015 which is when I will be ready to go. I'm looking for a place to stay for years not weeks or months. My preferred states in order are La., Ms., Al., Tx., Fl., Tn., Ga., Ar., Ok., Ca., Or., Wa., anything west of the Mississippi River, or any state bordering the Mississippi River, my last choice is the northeast US.

Looking for any position that does not involve intense physical labor. Disabled veteran with back problems. Can lift light weight, walk, clean, etc. Very computer literate.

My requirements:
Must have full hook ups with sewer, no dump. Must have EXCELLENT cell reception, Must be on or near water, Must allow ATV side by side, Would like close access to riding trails for ATV.

I can perform almost anything required at a campground, with the exception of physical labor like using chainsaws, weed eaters, anything that requires severe strain on my back. My ideal duties would be check in/out, light maintenance, cleaning/stocking bath house etc. I am retired and I have no time or location limitations. I can work anywhere in the lower 48. I live in Oklahoma and will travel, however I will require fuel reimbursement for anything over 300 miles, don't worry, you won't regret it. I'm very dedicated, ex military and have 100% clean driving record, no criminal record and don't do drugs. My credit rating is over 750.

Any   USA       2014-12-05 21:04:13 3703
Host: Year Round Position: Ranch or RV Camp Site
20 yrs experience in property management and light security. Year round host or management job sought .Willing to relocate permanently for a full time position 30-40 hrs week. Management, security, pool maintenance, paint, pruning shrubs & picking up grounds. Currently living in NC but will consider all others.

Any   USA       2014-12-05 05:05:36 3698
Winter Work Wanted
hello my wife & i are looking for a campground to work camper or motel ,we enjoy meeting new people. work for care free in fl, my wife was head cook for job corp 10 years ,7years with solano county ca, i done construction & maintenance for 30 years able to operate all types of equippment, both have a plus background check, lots of exp dealing with public & campground & motel maintenance. we have spent over 18 years in a camper all over, we are in sd now.
tk terry & joann skernick
terry cell 415-342-3681
joann cell 702-241-1486
bubba 3 year old schnauzer , will be able to work till april

Any   USA       2014-12-04 15:31:08 3694
Ready Willing and Able
We are getting ready to finish up our teaching careers and have been planning to go on the road and join the rv work camping experience. We will be available the spring of 2015. The school district ends before Memorial Day here in Tucson and Eileen will be available then. Charles may be available more towards the middle of May.

We have been following the Workamping Jobs website for several years now and are finally ready to make the move. We have been rving for almost twenty years both with a class A Winnebago and currently a Rialta (now that the kids are doing their own thing!). We have travelled extensively over the years throughout the USA and also several intern/ fational trips (to include a VW camper trip through the former Yugoslavia).

Here are several of the many reasons you should consider before hiring anyone else:
- Both of us have a wealth of people skills having dealt with all kinds for many years in the educational field as well as private business
- We have raised 2 children (and still like kids too!)
- Computers have been in our house and on our jobs for over 30 years and we know our way around them
- Landscaping and yard work have been a part of our homes along with a deliberate sense of clean for over 30 years

Chuck has been teaching construction trades for the last 10 years both at the community college level and the high school level as well as in the Arizona state prison system. These years have included building houses for Habitat for Humanity. He also has over 30 years of experience in the field with his own sole proprietor new addition and remodeling business. He does it all.

Eileen has lead seminars within the teaching profession and also has served as a director for an inner city alternative school in south Minneapolis. Her organization and management skills are sought after in the schools.

If your priority is enjoying life by being friendly and kind and healthy and not too serious; we would like to work with you.

AZ   USA       2014-12-02 13:21:38 3689
Mark Cole Looking for Camp Host Position
I am looking for a workamper position w/FHU and wi-fi, I can do maintenance and office work and customer contact service.
Mark has years of experience in management, maintenance including janitorial, landscaping and light maintenance I take great pride in my work
Mark has remodeled 4 homes including doing painting, hanging drywall, and installing cabinets. He has also maintained an office and property completing simple electrical repairs, and making plumbing and carpentry upgrades and repairs. He worked for himself for 25 years in Auto Detail, also had my own gas station and vending business, working with a diversity of employees and managers and dealing with customers.
I was a Camp Host at Binder Campground in Jefferson City, MO 65109 From 04/2010-03/2014 I took care of keeping the campground sites clean and keeping the bath house and laundry clean also reservations on the Weekends.
Plumbing - installing new plumbing and making repairs
Computer - Microsoft Word, Adobe, spread sheet
Electrical - install lights, fans, repair cords
Painting - prep, prime and apply latex and enamel paints indoors and outdoors
Maintenance - cleaned buildings and restrooms for different companies for 10 years
Customer Service - I've managed a couple of Convenience Stores
People - Deal with co-workers, customers, managers

Any   USA       2014-12-02 05:45:25 3685
Seasoned Work Campers Looking For Long Term Employment
Debra Napolitano & Ron Schultzel
Ron and I, with our 2 dogs, have openly adopted the RV lifestyle to meet new people and see new places for the past six years. We are a healthy, energetic and a happy couple. We pride ourselves with strong work ethic, a reputation for being honest, efficient and friendly.

Objective for Debra: Full or part time position including but not limited to: managing office, reservations, customer service, maintain computer systems, retail store etc…

Objective for Ron: Full or part time position including but not limited to: managing grounds, grounds keeping, building maintenance, construction, carpentry etc...

Debra's Qualifications: Exceptional Customer Relations skills, Proficient in CAMPGROUND MANAGER/MASTER/ROZ/HERCULES Software, Cash Register efficient, Friendly, Outgoing, Reliable, Team Player, years of experience in Customer Service. Fifteen years working in Retail. Twenty years working as a Computer Professional: Help Desk/Retail/Field Work.

Debra's Relevant Experience:
1 Office Manager, Bear Den Campground, Spruce Pine, NC
2 Office Assistant East Lake Campground, PA
3 Office Assistant, Custer Crazy Horse Campground, Custer, SD
4 Park Manager for Vallecito Resort, CO.
5 Office Assistant, Concan, TX
6 Assistant Manager for Desert Holiday Resort, AZ
7 Making Reservations via telephone, email, fax and walk-in's using CAMPGROUND MANAGER/ MASTER/ROZ/HERCULES software
8 Created and distributed welcome packets for campers
9 Cashier in office/store (Multi-Service Cash Register), POS, process credit cards, check and cash payments
10 Create end of day transaction reports, reconcile cash drawer and credit card settlement
11 Opening and closing park office
12 Creating and documenting procedures/instructions on staff responsibilities and various park amenities

Ron's Qualifications:
Pays close attention to deta

Any   USA       2014-12-01 16:34:31 3678
Light Maintenance, Security or Truck Driving
Desired work camper position: Security, light maintenance (I have experience in several area), painting, or driving ( have CDL license)
Previous work camp experience:
Gila County RV Park Globe, AZ - Park Manager
Rio Bend Rv and Golf Resort - Various maintenance project for the park.
Previous Business experience:
Owned and operated custom hot dog/hamburger cart (6years)
Driveway/parking lot seal coating business (20 years)
Military service:
Army and Navy (Security and truck driver)
Hobbies: Golf, basketball, and pool
Available from mid April to mid October
Contact: Paul McLeod at

Any   USA       2014-12-01 15:21:47 3683
Available Spring-Summer-Fall 2015
We are a well-rounded, energetic family that have been full-time RVing and work-camping for 8 years now. Our Team consists of husband, wife and adult daughter and we enjoy meeting new people and exploring the countryside. Being self-starters, we work well in a diverse, dynamic environment. We take pride and ownership in all that we do and we can work independently (solos), paired or as a team. Three qualified workers only taking one camp site!

Previous work-camp experience includes (but is not limited to): Housekeeping (Cleaning Buildings, Restrooms, Cabins), Laundry, Groundskeeping & Landscaping (Mowing, Weeding, Whacking, Trimming, Planting, Watering), General Maintenance (Repairs, Plumbing, Painting), Site Maintenance (Trash Pick-up, Cleaning Firepits and Camp Areas), Camper and Visitor Assistance, Site Escort, Office Operations, Answering Office Phones, Camper & Day-Use Registration, Selling Day & Seasonal Passes, Selling Fishing Licenses & Gift Certificates, Operating Store Cash Register, Balancing Daily Funds, Campground & Gate Security, Beach Patrol, Marina Attendant, Buffet & Cafe (Breakfast - Pancakes, Snacks, Dinner, Fudge Making), Activities (Ice Cream Socials, Bingo, Childrens Games) and Cold and Storm Preparation.

We are interested in receiving full hook-ups (adequate site space, water, 50A electric and hooked sewer or septic), wages/stipend and reliable WiFi as part of our compensation package. Perks such as Cable TV, laundry allowance and ending bonus are a big plus. With high fuel costs, we prefer a workamp agreement or written contract. We will consider Camp Host and work-for-site positions in the OFF-season if they are in close proximity to our current location and offer additional perks such as Cable TV and laundry allowance.

We are Non-Smokers (of any kind)/Non-Drinkers and have no pets. We keep our campsite and rig clean at all times. Contact us at with your detailed job information/location, please.

SD   USA       2014-12-01 12:51:00 3607
We are a couple looking for a hosting/camp worker position for the 2015 season. My husband and I are an outgoing, friendly couple with good communication skills. Our background is in home repairs, electrical and outside maintenance. We are both computer literate and work well together or as a team with others. Our home is a 36 ft,class A and we winter in Arizona currently. We are both Airforce veterans and are very responsible people. Please consider use for available position openings.

WI   USA       2014-12-01 09:12:33 3680
Looking for 2015 Season
Hi, I am a middle aged single man interested in for a workamper position for the 2015 season. I am interested in Northern Wisconsin; but will consider others. Looking for space for hours worked trade. Would also be available for extra hours if necessary. Have workamper experience and am very versitale in all aspects of campground jobs including exterior maintenance, light carpentry, cleaning, taking reservations (Hercules system), checking in campers and much more.

I have a 33' motorhome with no slides; and a small pickup. My background is merchant marine officer for 25 years; now semi retired and anxious to work. No physical restrictions. I have excellent references, clean backround, am a non-smoker, non-drinker.

Presently I am in Louisiana building houses for Habitat for Humanity. I am available anytime after April 15th. Should you have any questions I can be reached at or (715) 204-8317.

FL   USA       2014-12-01 06:00:17 3655
Looking for Work at a RV Park Any Position
My wife Cheryl and I have just retired and are looking for a workampers job at a place in Florida for next year Nov. 2015 to April 2015. Five months we pull a 40 ft. Tri axle toy hauler and will be looking for something to keep us a little busy. We are in our early 60s. Willing to try anything.

FL   USA       2014-12-01 05:59:18 3650
Patti and Marvin Ready to Work Anywhere in Florida 2014-15
We are a husband and wife team that enjoys working, traveling and RVing together. We spent many summer vacations with our two boys, a travel trailer and small boat along the entire East Coast. Now our boys are grown. We sold our home of 22 years and we travel in a 36' motor home. During the winter months we travel in the southern states and in the summer we work at a RV Resort in PA. The opportunity to work in the colder months at an RV park down south seems made for us. Seasonal employment is what we’re looking for.

We owned and operated a 14 room Bed & Breakfast Inn with a large dining area and a gift shop in northeast Pennsylvania. Patti’s personality and cooking resulted in repeaters and many referrals to our inn. We shared the tasks of making reservations, housekeeping, tending the 7-acre grounds and the pool. Marvin is a graphic designer by trade. He uses his Apple MAC computer while traveling in the motorhome. He is experienced in desktop publishing – designing signs, flyers, brochures and menus which came in handy while at our B&B. Patti has worked over the years in a children’s boutique “Little Charmers” in Brielle, NJ.

Our daily tasks at the inn included reservations, housekeeping and all related customer services. We had a small retail (convenience) store at the inn. Guest entertainment was all part of being inn owners. We had a wedding at the inn and hosted several wedding guests and family reunions over the years. We have added many “friends” from running the inn to those we have met RVing! We truly love RVing and would enjoy sharing our enthusiasm with others. Marvin has been an avid ocean cruiser since he was 10 and we have sailed with Holland America Lines and Norwegians Cruise Line as tour directors for a group of 48 deaf passengers. We were also interpreters using American Sign Language with the group.

If you want to know more about us, please email us at for a detailed resume & pictures

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